February 26, 2012

Ant #47. Love & Hangover.

Terrible hangover. I haven't felt myself such a dead for a long long time.

Yesterday I was on comedy TV-show shooting. The show had a gay theme, that I didn't know about. I guess my mom will be surprised if she sees it... Buh )))
Then we've got drunk. Well, I've got drunk, my friends didn't drink at all. But I wanted, I had to. Last days were so stressful, I needed some rest and relax.
So I had fun. Yeah! ))) Drunk I tweeted so many silly things like "V-O-D-K-A" ("L-U-V Madonna" style) or "I could be Eugene"))) Just shit. Whatever.
Oh yeah. It seems like last night I wasn't the only one who was drinking.

This morning I was dreaming about death! LOL ))))) But I had to go to the rally. Again! They will never end for me. Anyway, I have my citizen position. Democracy is what we all about.

Why did I call this post "Love & Hangover"?
Ah, yep. Because I love you.

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