February 16, 2012

Ant #43. Night dream.

Country house, lake, my friends, me and... my ex, swimming and not talking to me...
I'm trying, but getting the silence and reproaching sights in response.
I'm coming closer and... nothing, like I don't exist.

Then I'm inside of house, looking for something, for someone, for me. The house looks like a labyrinth, the labyrinth of my mind. I open all the doors and find strange things there, broken dreams, destroyed plans, forgotten people. But I'm still looking for...

- You look so wet after the lake. Wanna take a shower?
- Yes, please.
- That door. Towel?
- ... *taking a towel*
- We need to talk. May I go with you?
- As you wish.

I stand a back to a wall, cannot see anything because of the shower curtain. I'm listening to water, but I'm hoping to listen to words. I'm coming and opening the curtain. We're looking at each other, eyes to eyes... and there's no need to talk... just kiss.

My subconsciousness is killing me!

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