February 16, 2012

Ant #44. Heaven.

Do you believe in heaven on Earth?
I mean... Where is your own way goes to?
Do you believe in happiness?
Do you think that after the fall down you can get up and go ahead?
Why don't you believe in yourself?
What is your direction?
Hell or heaven?

Everyone has his own life phylosophy. Some of us think that life only brings us pain, disappointments, sufferings. It's a road to the hell. And if it's yours, you should better turn around and run. RUN RUN RUN! Hell is not what you need. Hell is not where you supposed to be. Trust me.
I believe in heaven. I believe in angels. I believe in what I live for. And I do believe that heaven is a place for everyone. You're alone or not, it doesn't matter. Open your heart, and you'll see how beautiful this place is.

You say "Heaven is a place on earth with you."

I'm waiting for you there. Can you hear me calling?

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