May 3, 2012

Ant #82. Sunny day.

It's so cool to say "F*ck off everything", to take your bag and to leave your office. 
Then you go to the city center, buy a cup of coffee or frappuccino in Starbucks, put your earphones in and turn up the volume.

I had an incredible unexpected day-off. The sun was so bright and warm! I was walking across the streets, listening to music and enjoying myself. I think I even was singing or I don't know how to explain all the glances on me. )))

Have you ever walked on the street with Madonna's "Ray Of Light" song in your ears?
Try this! "Quicker than a ray of light I'm flying!" Awesome!

Oh, I forgot! I had a headache the whole day! But anyway I was smiling! )

And you know what?

Sunny day = Happy day

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