May 14, 2012

Ant #86. The world without borders.

Today I spent 2 hours to fill the visa application.
It has many pages with a big amount of questions.
If you do a mistake, you gotta take a new clean page and to start from the beginning.
And it's not the end! Then you gotta go to the proper embassy, stand a few hours in a huge queue, submit your application and pray!
That's driving me crazy!

I have to get visas almost every time I'm going abroad, it doesn't matter where I'm going. Well, maybe except of Venezuela and a few another world's asses.
And almost all my friends from different countries have to get visa to visit me as well. And to be honest, it's not so easy, because our government probably thinks that this f*cking country is a best place on Earth and everyone wants to stay here. DOH!

And I thought it could be great if there weren't any borders in the world!
Some of you would say that borders stop immigrants. But do they?
I think everyone who wants to change his place of living does it, and borders don't stop him. They only make difficulties for those who would like to travel more.
Also borderlines don't stop criminals. Who can say that in your place only immigrants commit crimes? People kill, steal and cheat because they are bad and uncivil, but not because of places where they were born.

In july I wait for my friend from US to come here. I hope he won't have problems in our embassy.

World without borders

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  1. Its been a few months since you wrote this lol but i just saw the post now. i agree 100%. why are there borders anyway?

    If you wish to go from one city to another within your country you dont need a visa or a stamp lol you just get in your car and drive or take a bus. Makes sence to have no borders, then maybe there won't be wars either :)