May 12, 2012

Ant #85. Summer flirtation.

I love sunny days when all the tempters are getting out of their cellars like zombies. They come out and look for someone's brain to eat it. Wherever you go they follow you and try to infect your heart with the worst illness ever... with "love". Just one kiss and you're a zombie as well.
Funny times!

Run like hell )))

Last summer I had 5 people at the same time (+2 later) who would like to be with me. 3 girls and 4 boys. That was pretty awesome!!! But the fun began when they have known about each other. No no, I haven't had sex with them, but I can't stop flirting when I see someone likes me. I know it's bad and unfair, but I can do nothing with myself. )))

I'm gonna beat my own record this summer )


  1. The picture is hilarious. So many thoughts running through my mind.