May 18, 2012

Ant #89. Hatred or forgiveness?

Today my friend asked me:
- It seems like you will meet your ex soon [on one big event]? What you gonna do?
I replied:
- I'm gonna hug, say "Hello" and ask "How are you doing?". Strange question actually. What are you expecting of me to do?
He said:
- Ignore!

Then he added that I gotta be more selfish and proud, because I am ignored and I must revenge.

Honestly I was completely frustrated with this conversation. I've been told these things by a person who is much older than me. This is so immature, low and meanly.
Breaking up is not a reason to hate anybody.
I'm grateful to destiny for everything!

Forgiveness is my choice!


  1. Bitterness is a pill you swallow in hopes it will poison the other person (kinda silly). You can only change you and forgiveness is the ONLY way! Not forgiving will short circuit your life of purpose.

  2. I like your attitude- transcendent and relaxed. Give her a hug for me, too.

  3. Brilliant attitude to have. Be the better guy, say hello, be nice and polite and move on. Don't let bitterness get hold of you. I'm talking from experience. Friends don't always give you the right advice.

  4. Bravo! [hands clapping and cheery whistling] You've found the best way to avoid forming resentments.

  5. You would look pretty bad in the eyes of everybody else if you now say you hate someone you once loved.
    Instead say nothing, or say that love existed.

    Edmundo Barraza

  6. Good choice! This is an opportunity to assess what you want and need in a relationship. Take some time to re-evaluate. We are never in as pitiful a state as our ego would have us believe. You chose forgiveness and that choice does no harm to yourself or your ex - BRAVO!