May 16, 2012

Ant #88. Love online.

Yesterday my friend told me he has met someone on facebook a few weeks ago.
- My friend lives in US. This person is on other side of Earth.
- They have a huge age difference.
- They have never met face-to-face and it seems like they definitely won't meet till june 2013.
- They only share pictures and chat every day.

Wanna know what did he say? He said they love each other and it's serious!
They both changed their statuses on facebook from "single" to "in relationships" )))) Oh yeah, in this case it's really serious! XD

Well, I love my friend, but it's f*cking ridiculous!

How the hell can you say you love someone if you have never met this person?
Of course, you can like his/her photos, like what he/she says, you both can have a lot in common.
But damn it, I said "I love you!" only twice in my life.
I said it, looking in eyes, holding hands. I said it with all the seriousness and responsibility for my words.
Saying "I love you" via facebook chat is degrading the meaning of these words.

I believe you can find someone interesting on web, but to fall in love you have to meet him/her personally, talk to, know about this person's life more, try to be together.

What do you think, guys? Maybe I'm wrong and you know many examples of successful couples?

Love online


  1. Hi :) I agree with you and to think that it's easy to say something about yourself even though it isn't true cause the person on the other line doesn't have the power to investigate or confirm if everything is true.

  2. Yeah, I see your point here but, I know of 2 people who got married this way in the past 12 months but only time will tell if it works out or not. I must admit that I was surprised.

    This also brings to mind how a majority of the Asian community have their marriages arranged by the parents and a lot of the time they barely meet until the marriage and some of those marriages do last a long time. Similar but not the same I guess.

    I would not be happy to meet someone this way though, and I definitely take the words 'I love you' extremely seriously. Maybe when you go through life without having someone be part of it, you may resort to love online. It's easy for me to say because I'm not in that position.