May 22, 2012

Ant #90. Signs.

How many of you know what the pink triangle means?

* * *
I'd like to buy a t-shirt with one of my my favorite groups ever, with Gossip.

Gossip - "Man in love" t-shirt
"Man in love" is their song, one of my favorite as well.
"Gossip" on the back is a name of a group. Obviously, isn't it? )))

I think it's a little bit provocative. Of course, only for those who know what it means.
That's why I asked you in the beginning.
Interesting, how long will I stay in safety on the street? But actually I think that not so many people know the history good enough, so I hope I won't be posting from hospital ))))
Unfortunately, I live in a very wild intolerant country, that's why wearing this t-shirt is too risky.

So... Do you know what a pink triangle means? This sign was being used by fascists in their concentration camps for marking gays.


Take a look on their new video! I adore this song!

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