May 2, 2012

Ant #81. Contemporary art.

Have I ever written something about it?
I guess, NO.

Well, usually I don't like it at all. Moreover I don't think it's an art. It's not about beauty, deep feelings, good emotions or positive vibes. All that artists wanna do is to create something nobody did before. And they don't care that noone except of them cannot understand their "art". So I don't see any point in it, whatever it is: pictures, architecture, books...

But yesterday I've changed my mind a little bit after visiting the "Double Perspective: the Contemporary art of Japan. Imagined world / Fantasies".
I never thought that the modern art can be so cute, touching, interesting and deep.

Take a look!

Makoto Aida
Motohiko Odani
Kenji Yanobe - Sun Child

Yoshitomo Nara - Candy Blue Night
Takashi Murakami
Takashi Murakami - Buamai
Yayoi Kusama - I'm Here, but Nothing
Tadanori Yokoo
Tadanori Yokoo


  1. I understand modern art more than I enjoy it, which is probably not a good sign. Among these, I liked only the sixth one from the top

  2. Yes, contemporary asian art revived my passion and hope for contemporary art in general!! Glad to see someone inspired by it as well :)

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