March 3, 2012

Ant #51. Go wild tonight.

Yeah! Finally! It's happening!
I'm gonna dance my ass away tonight!

I'm going to the party, where will be a few people loving me. Does it mean I'll have fun? Yeah, definitely! ))) Even my roommate left to Germany and my apartment will be free. )

BUUUUUT... I could use this opportunity, if my heart wasn't occupied. So I think... No, I'm sure I'll come back home alone. Well, I'm not upset because of this. )
As I said before, I'm not that kind of guy.

I just wanna get drunk, dance, flirt, talk to my friends, tempt a few new persons... Yeah, why not?

I got that burnin' hot desi-i-i-re
And no one can put out my fi-i-i-re
It's coming right down through the wi-i-i-re
Here it comes
When I hear them 808 drums
It's got me singing...

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