March 20, 2012

Ant #65. MDNA track-by-track review.

1) Girl Gone Wild - 5* - Wonderful opening of the album, showing its atmosphere. There's no way to sit down when you hear the first accords. The lyrics tell us who Madonna really is, "I'm a bad girl anyway" she sings in the end. Of course, she is, she's been and she always will be.

2) Gang Bang - 5* - It's beautiful in its darkness. The beat makes my heart beating faster. Incredible lyrics, simple and full of metaphors. Great idea to make this song growing up, but not blasting. It's like an orgasm with no cumming. After listening to this song, I'm moaning "Oh, Madonna, give me some more, pleaaaase!"

3) I'm Addicted - 5* - If you still don't understand why the album is called MDNA, listen to this song once again. It's a drug, the most dangerous drug in the world. The music is simply awesome. The strongest track on the album.

4) Turn Up The Radio - 5* - It must be the next single, definitely. Even if it's not my favorite track, the people will love it. Bright and shiny, and the most important is it doesn't have obscene. To pass the censorship on TV and radio many songs must be edited and they will lose their charm. But this song is made for the airplays.

5) Give Me All Your Luvin' - 5* - I still love this song, and I don't f*cking care what do you think about it. It's funny, catchy and could to be the huge hit.

6) Some Girls - 3,5* - I don't know who produced this song, but he must be fired. It has a nice retro smell, but it sounds like any Bloodhound Gang's song, that's completely disappointing. But I think people will like this song.

7) Superstar - 3* - Not very interesting song to me. Nice rhythm, but the melody is too simple and not catchy at all. "Ooh-la-la, you're a superstar!". Aha, yeah.

8) I Don't Give A - 4,5* - Ooooph, that's bold! Great funny song with a smash beat and cool personal lyrics. It's a slap into so many people's faces. Nicki Minaj is extremely relevant in this song. Her rap makes me laughing like a devil. "Hey-yo Madonna, you're original don dada!" Don dada??? Suuuuuure)))) Ahahahhaa)))) "There's only one Queen and that's Madonna, b*tch!" Yes, NM, we know it. Thanx. ;-)

9) I'm A Sinner - 3,5* - If "Beautiful Stranger" song didn't exist, I would rank this song with 5*, but sorry, it's a self-repetition. It's obvious, cheap and unforgivable self-repetition. I knew she didn't need Orbit in this album, and this track has proved my fears.

10) Love Spent - 4* - I've changed my mind about this song... A lil bit. I still don't like the 2nd part of the song, which was leaked as a snippet. I don't even like that the song sounds like two different songs merged in one. To me it's weird. The lyrics is what made me to rate it 4*, I find it kinda interesting. Nothing more to say about this Orbit's work.

11) Masterpiece - 4* - On "W./E." soundtrack I would rate it with 5*, because I love it so badly. I'm pretty sure that everyone who loved at least once must love "Masterpiece". The comparison to Mona Lisa is a brilliant work of art. But I think this song is not supposed to be on this album. Absolutely another story. 

12) Falling Free - 2* - From the moment I first heard it I think it's a fail. And don't even try to tell me about lyrics. When the music and melody are unlistenable, I don't care about words. Boring, boring and boring... Madonna could do better. Could William Orbit? Barely. At least on this album. I wanted to rate it with 1*, but I'm afraid of readers's revenge. )))

13) Beautiful Killer - 5* - Excellent old-school work, my second favorite song on the album. "Can't really talk with your gun in my mouth..." ))) Oh yeah, Madge. We know you like it )))

14) I F****d Up - 3,5* - Not bad song, worth its place in bonuses. I do like how the beat grows up and then falls down. Very interesting. As it was previously said, this song is dedicated to her ex-husband Guy Ritchie and she's probably missing him. Well, from the first listening I thought the same, but in the end there's a word putting everything on its place. "I wish I could have you back maybe one day... Or not?!" You got it? She doesn't want to have him back, it's just an nostalgia, waves of the memory.

15) B-Day Song - 3,5* - I wanted to rate it with 0*, but damn it, this shit sticks into my brains. I never heard more idiotic song than this one. I hope at least Madonna had fun when she was writing it. )))

16) Best Friend - 3,5* - I didn't hear the full song, but the snippet is not very promising.

I wanted to take 1 point out because of re-collaboration with William Orbit, coz I hate self-repetitions more than bad songs. But then I thought it's not fair, because all other songs are incredible. I think it's her best album since Ray Of Light or maybe even simply the best. It's still growing on me. But even if it's left on 2nd place after ROL, it will be her purest album anyway. Very rich sound, deep balanced lyrics, style galore.
My rank is 5*.

The best song: I'm Addicted.
The worst song: Falling Free.

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