March 7, 2012

Ant #54. Addicted to MDNA.

It's a countdown! Yeah! It is!

I'm so excited about Madonna's upcoming album MDNA.
The more I hear new songs, the more I'm in love with her 12th babe.
The more I read reviews, the more I'm thrilled.
The more I'm checking my calendar, the more I'm dying to buy it.

Uuuh! Crazy times are coming from the clouds!

Yesterday, the snippet of "I'm addicted" song was revealed and it has blown my mind!
Yes, I liked "Give Me All Your Luvin'" and especially "Masterpiece", but "Girl Gone Wild" and "I'm addicted" are what I really would like to hear on her new album!
This is so unusual for her! It's like a trance!

And I'm not very happy about her collaboration with William Orbit.
But don't misunderstand me!
I agree with all of you, that "Ray Of Light" is one of her best albums, but I don't like self-repetitions.
It was and it was great! Please, not again!
Don't stop! Go ahead!

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