March 14, 2012

Ant #62. I'm coming home...

This friday the plane will take me away from here to my mom's home.

It's always exciting to come home, to see my parents and sister, to meet my old friends... well, those who are still my friends...
What should I do there from friday till tuesday? I have no idea. Too much time for this place and these people.
1) Get my new passport.
2) Drink with my sister.
3) Drink with my best friend, meet his family.
4) Drink with my best friend from university.
5) Drink with my godsister.
5) Drink with my best female-friend in another city (3 hours long road is nothing for me).

Awesome plans... (((

If it was a summer, I could go on the beach, but now you can only freeze yourself instead of taking a sun bath. )

This is how my home town looks...

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