March 19, 2012

Ant #64. The cage.

I know it's so bad to say it but these few days in my parents's home were awful.
Thanks God, tomorrow morning I go home.

My mom and sister have f*cked my brains. I never felt like in the cage here. All days I've been dreaming of an escape. I know they are caring about me, but I'm f*cking 26 years old independent man and they are f*cking gotta deal it.
Two days ago mom cried because I've had a dinner at a cafe instead of at home. What the hell? I was walking at city center and I was going to continue sightseeing. And I should come home just for a dinner? It's ridiculous! But it's impossible to explain to her such a simple thing.
Yesterday she cried because I was going to visit my ex-teachers. She said I don't spend a time at home. Damn it! What's wrong with her ego?
Today there was an epic scandal. Mom and sister were trying to give me $500, they think that I don't have enough money even for buying some food. I said NO. It's a madness. As they can see, I'm not dying and I'm far from being slim. I'm travelling and having a full life. But they started to cry saying I'm doing like I'm not a part of family! I was completely shocked and had nothing to say, coz it was the maddest thing I ever heard in my life! They told me I have to call them everyday, but I don't, I had to tell them all about my life, but I don't, I have to come here often, but I don't...

You can call me a sinner after what I'll say, but... I WANNA GO HOME! MY HOME!!!

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