March 27, 2012

Ant #67. Chat with Madonna.

This morning I had fun )))

Madonna joined twitter only for 1 day (for a couple hours, actually), and of course I couldn't miss this opportunity to talk to her.
Mmmmm, yes, she didn't reply me even once! LOL ))))
But I had fun anyway)

At the beginning I was asking serious questions, but then I thought: "F*ck off! She doesn't even read it!"

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna Do you like to sleep? )

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna HAVE YOU SEEN MOLLY TONIGHT? I DO! *joking* )))

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna DO YOU MISS ME LIKE I MISS YOU?)))

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna HOLD ME LIKE YOUR MONEY! TELL ME THAT YOU WANT ME! ))) I love you, M! ) See you soon!

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna Do you have a tattoo "somewhere"? )

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna Wanna coffee? I'm making right now… Almost 7 am here )

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna L-U-V MADONNA!

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna YOU DON'T LOVE ME! I'M OUT! (((

@MadonnaMDNAday #AskMadonna Hey-ey-ey! Yeah-e-e-ey! I'm a boy gone wild! I'm a boy gone wild! )

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