March 5, 2012

Ant #52. "Drunk" SMSs.

I doubt there is at least one person who never sent it.
If you ever were in love, you definitely know how difficult it can be keeping calm...


When it's closing time in the club, you're completely drunk and lonely and you don't want anything except of telling your ex how much you still love him/her. The blood is running through your veins, transporting these thoughts eating you from inside. You're taking your phone and hoping it's dead, broken or discharged. But damn it, it works well. You start typing... deleting... typing... deleting... You're trying to find proper word... Making mistakes and correcting them... Making them again... After several attempt you're finally pressing "SEND" button and looking how the most stupid thing's happening. And no regrets!

But at the morning you're ready to sell your soul for the opportunity to turn back time. Familiar feeling? I  think so.

These moments I despise myself so much. I have to tell it when I'm sober or I have to shut up forever!

Noone takes it serously, they just think you're weak thing who cannot control himself. And probably you won't get anything in response.

Mar 4, 2012  6:40 AM
"I need you so badly! Good morning to you and Good night to me!"

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