March 9, 2012

Ant #57. Worldwide clubber.

Have you ever travelled through the whole world just for one party?
I have )))

Stop laughing! ))) I'm not crazy and I'm not even rich!
I just cannot refuse my friends if they invite me. )))

Let's start this story from the beginning!
On aug 4th my friend from Holland, my beautiful dutch lady messaged me asking am I going to London for Madonna's B-day Party?! First minutes I was thinking she's joking, but then I realized she's not. )))
I said: "Well, it could be great for sure, but you know it's not so easy. Flights, hotels, pocket money."
She replied: "Honey, you can do that! Come on! I've found a baby sitter for J. [her daughter]. And S. [her husband] said YES! You cannot refuse now!"

In 10 minutes I've booked my flight to London and back )))

The trip was absolutely terrific! We were sharing the room with my dutch lady, so I wasn't a bankrupt )))
She helped me out to control my expenditures. My sweetheart )
I made an 80's outfit, the hair, accessories and I looked like Madonna on her first album cover. )
Sexy and I know it ))) LOL)))

Before the party we were looking for Madonna's house. It was hard, but we did it!

Madonna's house in London.

Not very bright, but with a lot of hidden cameras around. )))

The party itself was full of fun, laughs, flirts, meetings with old friends and making new ones.
I drank 2 huuuuge cups of cocktail, £5 each. I don't remember the name, but it was soooo tasty )))))

G-A-Y club, London.

I guess I looked too drunk, 'cause my dutch lady told me: "Hun, if you'll need a room for a couple hours, just tell me, I'll walk away!" LOL))))) It was really hard to explain that I'm not that kind of boy))) She was sure I'm a slut ))) I love her! )

Then we both had a great intimate afterparty in the lobby bar at our hotel. To me it was really pleasant, 'cause we finally could talk in a silence about everything, about our lives, jobs, friends and lovers, about our plans for the future. I love moments like this the most. This is what I do appreciate in friendship. Yeah.

Great memories!
See you all soon in Tel Aviv.
Mwah ;-)

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