March 23, 2012

Ant #66. Offline.

Today I felt it's enough.

First I deleted my account from formspring, then my 2nd twitter and finally I crashed my account in the most popular local social network.

It would be a lie, if I said it was easy. Not at all. When you're addicted to internet it's kinda tough to remove it from your life, but I did it and now I feel free. It's like you start the new life! The real life, free of web-shit.

I had reasons to do this.
First of all, I'm so tired of this endless misunderstanding in internet. When you're not talking face-to-face, noone can read your emotions or intonations, that's why people can interpret your words how they want. And it starts again and again... "You don't respect my opinion!" or "Your words are so insulting!" or simply "F*ck you!"... Pffffff..... I've done!
Next reason is I've just lost any point to stay online and connected with these people. I don't care what they post, they don't care what I post. Very often I skip all their sh*t. If we are really good friends I don't see a problem. We can call each other anytime and meet. And we will be able to talk and understand each other clearly!
3rd. You're free to post anything, my dear! I won't see it! You can post gaga, your porn-pictures, like other guy's photos, become friends with everyone. Since this moment I don't give a...

First hours it was very funny to watch people's panic!
Come on, I'm not dead, I'm just offline. ;-)

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