March 13, 2012

Ant #60. Checkmate.

There's no way to describe what I've felt last night...
Nothing were about the bad news, but they always come when you're not expecting them.
Before I start to speak, I wanna ask you to close this window if you think that only someone's death or illness can make people sad. Noone died, noone got ill.

So... What made me so frustrated yesterday?

If you follow my blog you gotta know I'm going on tour. Well, I'm not touring, Madonna is touring, I'm just coming to her shows. And I had so many plans for this summer, I was imagining our fan club meetings. I do miss my foreign friends so much. And especially I was so excited to meet one of my best friends who I haven't seen more than 2 years. He was about to come to the very first show in tour, so do I.

Last night we had a short conversation and he told me he cannot manage it and he's not coming.


I'm out.

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